Hunting and Haunting

Dubai, World Expo

A collaborative performance inhabiting the Luxembourgish Pavilion for 7 days and nights.

17 - 23 Jan 2022 

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Publication of a  feature on my performance Mishandled Archive by Nisha Ramayya

Dec 2021

entre nous

Entre Nous

EoFA, Geneva

Presentation of the work I developed as resident artist at United Nations Archives + a discussion

17 Dec 2021

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Instagram, @tarafteh

Exisiting and moving at the United Nations Office at Geneva on the International day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people

29 Nov 2021

Always Already 

Experimentica21, Cardiff 

8 hour performance with Karen Christopher

6 Nov 2021

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online, dance4

Launch event of a video series accompanying  Always Already and the book Entanglements of Two

21 Nov 2021



I'm resident artist at the Embassy of Foreign Artists and the United Nations Archives in Geneva.

Oct- Dec 2021


Open Studios

Carouge Art, Geneva

Visit our studios at Embassy of Foreign Artists and have a chat with the resident artists.

6 Nov 2021


Tehran, Kabul, Kashan 

Video-performance, part of Fragments for Borderless Futures #1

Watch online from 14 Oct 2021

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Lucy Writers

A reflection on my performance Mishandled Archive by So Mayer

Sep 2021 

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Peckham Rye Park, London

An outdoor performance and installation of Mishandled Archive

14-15 Aug 2021

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A feature on my performance Mishandled Archive by Diyora Shadijanova

Sep 2021


FEAST: Ingredients of Us

Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Collaboration with Agnieszka Blonska and Gil Tan

25 Sep 2021