Always Already

by Karen Christopher and Tara Fatehi Irani

A performance installation, with an embedded performance.

Always Already uses materials, text, sound and movement, to explore the weaving together of plant, human and machine, including human/plant and human/machine hybrids. Through the act of performance, we are making a machine which assembles the performance — a machine constructed of 100 Forgotten Questions, which turns the room into a loom, and creates space for the idea of the performance and the performance of idea. We focus on the repetition of small gestures, insignificant singly but gaining strength through accumulation, and we harness the fundamental form of weaving which operates on the principle of opposites, a kind of integration at right angles.

A single, small gesture seems insignificant but through its repetition and development the monumental is possible. Through the accumulation of small gestures mountains are moved, barriers are shifted, minds are changed. Where do patterns, differences, structures and connections emerge? These ideas relate to changes in nature, in humans and with technology — from computer code to activism, how and where is change possible?

What does a dance of great difficulty mean? It is cooperation made visible, a legacy of exertion and diligence proving we came back to it many times over time and revisiting made us know it better, know it differently, think through it, think with it.

The hands take position with buttons, pedals, chords, knobs, the legs a rhythm in the bones. The brain follows sentences from different mother tongues. Translation is to point, to focus, to take nothing for granted. I understand myself more when you understand me.

Always Already is supported by Dance4 (Nottingham, UK).

Always Already will be completed in 2021: residency / commission support is needed for its final development. Always Already is available for presentation in 2021-22.

For further information contact our producer: CJ Mitchell.

A Haranczak/Navarre Performance Project

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All photographs by Jemima Yong




 © 2023 by Tara Fatehi Irani.

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