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Texts. Books.

In between words and image.

Or is it poetry, performance, essay, research.

In between [ ] ,,, <...> ; "..."?

I regularly write new poetry and performative text for From the Lips to the Moon and other live performances, but below are the more 'official' published works:

UNOG reading room still from video (c) Tara Fatehi

In Observance: Staying with the body, with Palestine at the United Nations (2023)

"Tara Fatehi interferes with the rhythm by bringing movement and attention into the archive." Part of Out of Focus, a series exploring ways to traverse the fog of unknowingness and indeterminacy on Asia Art Archives.

MA cover_front copy.jpg

Mishandled Archive (2020)


This book is a coming together of 365 documents, dance scores and essays from my yearlong daily performance series. With contributions by Shahram Khosravi, Giulia Palladini, Joe Kelleher and several other performance scholars and artists.


Published by the Live Art Development Agency, London.


In Other Words (2022)

A piece titled 'Joggling'   as part of this collection of urgent reflections, created by artists exploring their hopes and fears at a time of global crisis. Co-curated by Kate Marsh, Xavier de Sousa and Harold Offeh.

bodies of knowledge.png

Bodies of Knowledge: Three Conversations on Movement,  Communication and Identity (2021)

Edited by Laura Purseglove, this publication reflects on Bodies of Knowledge, a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary project exploring the human body as a site for the production, retention and transformation of knowledge.


Unbound Guest Editor (2021)


We say, ‘What the hell is going to happen?’, ‘What the hell are we to do?’. They say, …


Dabbling in live art books with Hafez and taking fal

Paper leaves and other constructions_cov

Paper leaves and other constructions 

a reading companion to Always Already

compiled and edited by Karen Christopher & Tara Fatehi Irani


Introducing the themes and content of the project, with writing by Karen, Tara and other contributors responding to many of the questions that have arisen in the creative process.

No pressure, but find me a bed out there. 

I wrote a photo-essay exploring  untranslatability in everyday life and the traces of journeys on our bodies via the use of family photographs.

Performance Research, Volume 21, 2016 - Issue 5

Edited by Amelia Jones

Floating Nodes-LADA Study Room.jpg

LADA’s Study Room A case study in five parts.

Co-authored with: Lois Keidan, Marco Pustianaz, Mary Paterson.

Performance Research, Volume 22, 2017 - Issue 1: On Libraries

Edited by Misha Myers & Deirdre Heddon


Step in Time, Step in Time: in dialogue with The Mirror by People Like Us (Vicki Bennett)

In On Time: Spill Reader

Edited by Diana Damian Martin

Published by Pacitti Company, 2018.

243. IMG_9451.JPG

Feature on Exeunt (2018)

A diary of Mishandled Archive performances and interactions



The Artist's Borderpanic Compendium

Book Chapter

Performance scores for artists in borderpanic times.

Edited by Helen Paris and Leslie Hill

Published by Pacitti Company, 2018.

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