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International Exchange of Terrible Pop

A collaboration between Richard DeDomenici, Mehrdad Seyf, Tara Fatehi Irani and Pouya Ehsaei.

A radical night out that uses pop culture to cut across frontiers.

Is Chris de Burgh really a proto-feminist and his Lady In Red a misunderstood anthem about the free bleeding movement? What happens when a group of friends in Tehran organise a Morris dancing soiree in one of their flats? Was Iran the only country apart from the UK and France to own a Concorde? Who is that “Arab” swordsman in Indiana Jones’s The Raiders of the Last Ark? Why are there so few hairy actors on the silver screen and how come John Wayne was so popular in Iran? And finally, why did British Leyland sell their discontinued “trucks on tracks” pacer trains, with bad seats and terrible suspension, to the Iranian Railways? All will be revealed at International Exchange of Terrible Pop, an epic red-hot cabaret night with performances of Chris de Burgh, Gooogoosh. Soft Cell and Viguen songs, live instructions on 15 ways to wear the Hijab and a finger snap that can get you through passport check at any Iranian airport! Dress up, turn up and expect cinnamon chewing gums!


International Exchange of Terrible Pop (previously performed under the title of ONCE IRAN FROM YOU) is available for bookings now.

For more info:

Contact our producer Lia Prentaki

Download a promo pack here.

A 30Bird production.

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