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Meridian Rhubarb

by /gorizazmarkaz/ (Tara Fatehi Irani & Pouya Ehsaei)

2014 - ongoing

An experimental, site-specific performance using words, sounds, videos and the body to reflect upon the site of the performance. The piece evolves with each performance; every time it is performed at a new venue a new chapter is added to the work—a chapter made specifically in response to the current venue and its history and characteristics. At each new performance, previous chapters are performed alongside the new one, carrying traces of the past to the present.

gorizazmarkaz-Meridian Rhubarb 2.jpg

Meridian Rhubarb at H.F.W.A.S, Birmingham, 2015, photo by Robin Pugh​

Previous chapters are:

  1. The Flying Dutchman: On Expiry - at Camberwell’s LGBTQ pub

  2. Bonbast-e Negar: On Demolition - at an abandoned house in Tehran 

  3. SPILL: On Confessions - at the former Ipswich Police Station 

  4. Home For Waifs And Strays: On Explosions - at a former African church before turning into a wedding dress shop, Digbeth, Birmingham

  5. The Yard: On Stickability - at a CrossFit gym in Peckham’s Copeland Park. Part of Spontaneous Combustion festival.

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