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Mishandled Archive: 

Book Launch and Celebration

11 Nov, 2020. 7 PM (UK Time), on Zoom

"Tara Fatehi Irani’s Mishandled Archive publication folds time and space in complex ways, creating a strange weave of collected images, near and distant lives, real and imagined pasts, Instagram posts and minimalist dance scores. In its detailed, endlessly reflexive record of a year long performance it speaks of diasporic experience, displacement and new modes of what might be called belonging."

Tim Etchells, Artist and Director of Forced Entertainment

Running Order:
01:04 Introduction Rachel Mars
08:18 Introduction Lois Keidan
12:59 Tara Fatehi Irani Mishandled Archive film
17:10 Tara Fatehi Irani Introduction and thank you
24:43 Joe Kelleher
31:41: Guilia Palladini
38:56 Tara Fatehi Irani leads the group in a dance
44:57 Diana Damian Martin, Mary Paterson, Jemima Yong, Maddy Costa and Holly Revell
53:55 Performance by Tara Fatehi Irani and Pouya Ehsaei
01:07:17 Rachel Mars Mishandled Archive closing lecture
01:12:59 Q&A
01:21:08 Closing words Lois Keidan

An online event to celebrate the launch of the book Mishandled Archive, published by Live Art Development Agency (LADA). Be ready for some dressing up and shaking shoulders. 

Every day for a year, Tara dispersed fragments of family photographs and documents in public places in the UK, Iran, Switzerland, Kurdistan, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, the Persian Gulf, and in between borders. She made a photograph, a dance, an annotation, and an Instagram post on the site of each dispersal. 


Join us from wherever you are in the world to celebrate the coming together of all the traces of her Mishandled Archive in this new book which includes essays and contributions by other artists and writers. 


Hosted by Rachel Mars, the event features:


A performative presentation by Diana Damian Martin, Mary Paterson, Jemima Yong, Maddy Costa and Holly Revell 

an excerpt from Tara’s performance of Mishandled Archive with Pouya Ehsaei

special appearances by Giulia Palladini and Joe Kelleher

and more. 


The event is held on Zoom, please pre-book your free place to receive details on how to join.

Find out event time in your local time zone.

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The theme of the evening is, rather obviously, Mishandled Archive. So we invite you to dress up, make up, object up or just turn up in a Mishandled Archive style. If you need a springboard for your ideas scroll down and see the photos.


We’d love to offer you drinks and refreshments but given the distance between us please bring your own drinks so we can celebrate in style. 



Find out more about Mishandled Archive 


Mishandled Archive is supported through Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.

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