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Borderline Dialogue

seven actions
for public space

2019, 24 min video
Watch here

a performingborders | LIVE commission

Tara Fatehi Irani
in conversation and collaboration with 
Afshin Chizari, Daniela Contreras López, Bettina Fung, Alisa Oleva, Laura Ríos, Emily Elizabeth Sweeney and Malcolm Whittaker

Music and sound design:

Pouya Ehsaei


Tara Fatehi Irani

Borderline Dialogue is available for screening alongside interviews, panel discussions and workshops. 

A coming together of seven actions for public space performed in Australia, Hong Kong, Iran, Ukraine, USA, Chile and Mexico. Borderline Dialogue is a container for different understandings and experiences of borders. It embraces the border as a meeting point and a site where different bodies, concepts and perspectives bleed into one another. 

These performative actions are the result of dialogues between Tara Fatehi Irani and each of her collaborators who have all contributed with their unique approach towards the notion of borders and its performative potentials. From lived experiences of border crossing to ephemeral markings and abstract interpretations, this work encompasses personal boundaries (Afshin Chizari), the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its consequences in the border city of Mariupol’ (Alisa Oleva), engagements with arbitrary borders in urban space (Daniela Contreras López), private choreographies and temporary borders marked at each step (Bettina Fung), touching and the erasure of borders of our bodies (Laura Ríos), invisible and obsolete borders encountered in everyday life (Emily Elizabeth Sweeney) and the paradox of being simultaneously on two sides of the border of work/play, art/not-art, night/day (Malcolm Whittaker). 

This video uses documentation of these actions as material for a new visual venture. Original music composed by Pouya Ehsaei uses recordings of the conversation between the artists in an experiment on blurring the lines between speech, music and background noise. 

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